Farnham Maltings SU 841 465

Thursday 15 and Saturday 17 May 1980

The Lloyds Best Bitter was anything but. Marked in the programme as ‘R’ for rubbish and was poured down the urinal.
There was no distinction made in the programme between which beers were tried on the different days attended.
This was the last Beerex for GM for some years as he set off on his travels and did not return to England for a number of years.

Brewery Beer SG
Arkells BBB 1038
Batham Bitter 1040
Blackhawton Bitter 1040
Bourne Valley Andover Ale 1040
Bourne Valley Albert Ale 1046
Donnington SBA 1040
Eldridge Pope Royal Oak 1048
Felinfoel Double Dragon Ale 1040
Gale’s HSB 1051
Gibbs Mew Bishops Tipple 1066
Hall & Woodhouse Badger Best Bitter 1041
Hanson’s Bitter 1038
Hoskins Bitter 1039
Lloyds Best Bitter 1045
Marston’s Pedigree 1043
Morrell Varsity (Best Bitter) 1041
Pollard John Barleycorn Best Bitter 1042
Raven Brighton Best Bitter 1049
Ringwood Fortyniner 1049
Robinson Best Mild 1032
St. Austell BB 1031
Timothy Taylor Landlord 1042
Wadworth 6X 1041
Wells Bombadier 1042

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Alexandra Palace, London

Saturday 30 August 1980

Although the Alexandra Palace had burnt down a few weeks prior to the start, the festival went ahead in large marquees sited on the old racecourse in Alexandra Park.
It was our first visit to the National Beer Festival, and being back in the early days, opening times were the same as pubs. This first day session started at 5.30 and we had to leave before closing time to get back for our last train home from Waterloo.

Brewery Beer SG
Burtonwood Best Bitter 1036
Broughton Greenmantle 1038
Fuller’s Extra Special Bitter 1056
Home Bitter 1039
Litchborough Northants Bitter 1037
McEwans 80/- 1043
Selby Strong Ale 1048
Selby Old Tom 1072
Shrewsbury & Wem Wem Best Bitter 1039
Tolly Cobbold Original 1037
Vaux Samson 1042

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