Farnham Maltings SU 841 465

Thursday 24 April 1986

ROC had left for his stint working in Germany, which just left PV and MG as the only attendees from Mengo to have been to every Farnham Beerex.

Brewery Beer SG
Berrow BBBB 1038
Bishop’s Beerex Special Brew 1043
Brakspear Bitter 1035
Brakspear Old Ale 1043
Buckley Mild 1032
Bunces Best Bitter 1043
Cotleigh Nutcracker 1036
Elgood Bitter 1036
Greene King XX Mild 1031
Hardy’s & Hanson’s Best Bitter 1039
Higsons Best Bitter 1036
Marstons Pedigree 1043
Old Swan (Ma Pardoe’s) Bitter 1034
Timothy Taylor Landlord 1042
Saturday 26 April 1986
Brewery Beer SG
Batham Mild 1036
Bishop’s Beerex Special Brew 1043
Brown John Peel 1040
Buckley Mild 1032
Buckley Best Bitter 1036
Burton Bridge Bridge Bitter 1042
Elgood Bitter 1036
Higsons Mild 1032
Holden Special Bitter (HSB) 1050
Old Swan (Ma Pardoe’s) Bitter 1034
Theakston Dark Mild 1032

Attended by:-
PV & MG plus others

Brighton Metropole

Saturday 9 August 1986

After travelling the country the GBBF returned to the South and in the second year at the Brighton Metropole we decided to visit. Camping, along with our better halves, some way away from the venue, we only managed to visit for the lunchtime session.
The beer was already running out fast and most of the smaller breweries beers had already gone. We were left with stuff we would not normally bother to try.

Brewery Beer SG
Hampshire Hampshire Best Bitter 1038
Usher Best Bitter 1038
Bosham Harvest Pale 1036
Brighton Brewery Co IPA 1036
Adnams Mild 1034
Malton Double Chance Bitter 1038
Joshua Tetley Tetley Mild 1032
Theakston XB 1045
Marston Mercian Mild 1032
Tennent Caledonian 80/- 1042
Marston Border Exhibition 1034
Marston Border Bitter 1034

Attended by:-