Farnham Maltings SU 841 465

Thursday 26 April 1990

We welcomed ROC back to the fold this year after he had been living off that German stuff for three years. He was rewarded with the first appearance of the Channel Island beers from the Randall (Jersey) and Guernsey breweries. Of course, with his return, consumption goes back up.

Brewery Beer SG
Belhaven 60/- Light 1031
Big Lamp Prince Bishop Ale 1040
Burt VPA 1046
Gales Best Bitter 1042
Guernsey LBA Mild 1038
Guernsey Draught Bitter 1046
Harvey XX Mild 1030
King & Barnes Broadwood 1040
Marstons Border Exhibition 1034
Marston Moor Cromwell Bitter 1037
Randall Best Mild 1033
Randall Best Bitter 1047
Shepherd & Neame Bishop’s Finger 1047
Timothy Taylor Golden Best 1033
Wiltshire Stonehenge BB 1041
Wye Valley Hereford Supreme 1043
Wye Valley HPA 1040
Saturday 28 April 1990
Brewery Beer SG
Cotleigh Harrier Spa 1036
Crown Buckley XXXX Mild 1034
Crown Buckley Best Bitter 1036
Eldridge Pope Thomas Hardy Bitter 1041
Gales Special Mild 1052
Guernsey LBA Mild 1038
Guernsey Draught Bitter 1046
Hop Back Summer Lightning 1042
Palmer Tally Ho! 1046
Pilgrim XXXX Dark 1040
Randall Best Mild 1033
Robinson Bitter 1035
Robinwood XB 1044
Wiltshire Real Ginger Beer 1059

Attended by:-
PV, MG & ROC plus others

Brighton Metropole

Saturday 11 August 1990

Back down the south coast again and a chance for another visit.

Brewery Beer SG
Burton Bridge Burton Porter 1045
Titanic Captain Smith’s Strong Ale 1050
Kemp Town Bitter 1041
Nix Wincott Two Henrys Bitter 1040
Holts Bitter 1039
West Coast Brewery Guiltless Stout 1039
West Coast Brewery Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1050
Thompson’s Bitter 1040
Marisco Tavern Lundy Pale Ale 1044
Belcher’s Brighton Breezy Bitter 1045
Chandlers Brewing Co Dolly’s Dark Mild 1032
Hanby Ales Drawell Bitter 1038
Orkney Dark Island 1045
Hull Brewery Mild 1032

Attended by:-
PV and probably TC and maybe ROC or MG