Farnham Maltings SU 841 465

Thursday 21 April 1994
Brewery Beer %
Ballard’s Wild 4.7
Big Lamp PBA 4.8
Brains Dark 3.5
Branscombe Vale Branoc 3.8
Cheriton Brewhouse Pots 3.8
Cheriton Brewhouse Cheriton Best 4.2
Concertina Band Club Hackett 4.0
Concertina Band Club Bandsman 5.1
Dyffryn Bitter 4.0
Dyffryn Castell 5.0
Hop Back Wilt Alternative 4.2
Hydes Dark Mild 3.5
Mauldons Squires 4.2
Morrell’s Mild 3.7
Reindeer Moild 3.5
Reindeer Gnu Bru 4.5
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3
Saturday 23 April 1994
Brewery Beer %
Arundel Best Bitter 4.0
Crown Buckley Rev. James Bitter 4.5
Hardy’s & Hanson’s Bitter 3.9
Hogs Back Tongham Tea 4.2
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5.0
Hydes Bitter 3.8
King & Barnes Easter Ale 4.5
Linfit Bitter 3.7
Morrell’s Mild 3.7
Pilgrim Crusader 4.7
West Coast Guiltless Stout 4.0
Wood Wonderful 4.8
Woodforde’s Nelson’s Revenge 4.4
Worldham Session 3.6
Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Springtime Ale 3.6

Attended by:-
PV, MG & ROC plus others

Olympia, London TQ 242 790

Saturday 6 August 1994
Brewery Beer OG
Hesket Newmarket Skiddaw Special 1031
Little Avenham Clog Dancer 1038
McGuinness Junction Bitter 1038
Moorhouses Black Cat Mild 1034
Weetwood Best Cask Bitter 1038
Whitby Ammonite Bitter 1038
Cannon Royall Arrowhead Bitter 1039
Ballard Midhurst Mild 1035
Foxley Best Bitter 1038
Tring Ridgeway Bitte 1040
Furgusons Dartmoor Best Bitter 1038
Dyffryn Clwyd Cwrw Castell 1050
Border Berwick Old Kiln Ale 1038
Maclay Dan Kane’s Amber 1040

Attended by:-

Woking Leisure Centre, TQ 007 578

Saturday 12 November 1994

As part of the centennial celebrations of Woking as a local borough council, Surrey/Hants Borders CAMRA joined forces with the council to put on this festival.
Mengo, of course, had to support one of its local festivals, so off we went. The leisure centre’s main hall proved to be an excellent venue for a beer festival and the Wurlitzer in the small hall added something different to the usual entertainment provided at these events.
And it was here that we tried one of the most truly horrendous beers ever to have touched our lips – Brewery on Sea’s Delhi Belly, flavoured with curry powder. Vile.
The festival, which is easily reached from all the branch area and beyond proved to be very successful from the start.

Brewery Beer %
Bateman's Dark Mild 3.0
Brewery on Sea Delhi Belly 4.5
Coach House Gunpowder Mild 3.8
Hedgehog & Hogshead Belchers Best Bitter 4.2
Juwards Bitter 4.0
Longstone Toon Army Bitter 4.5
North Yorkshire Best Bitter 3.6
Ridleys Mild 3.5

Attended by:-
PV, ROC, MG, KOC, TM & probably others