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6th June 2007

Sampled by

ROC, VP (by car), FN, PV, KOC, TM & MG

VP managed to find the starting pub this week and had a quick lager top (poor example) before heading back home. We also welcomed the return of MG who rediscovered the joys of cycling.

Thatched Cottage - Farnborough - SU 864 564

We were a bit disappointed with the beer list. Just staple brands and
no unusual guest. All the beers were served rather cold but were fine
once they had warmed up a bit.

Brewer      Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Courage     Best         4.0 £2.44 2.5	
Greene King Abbot        5.0 £2.69      Not tried
Adnams      Broadside    4.7 £2.66  3   Frank was happy 
Fuller’s    London Pride 4.1 £2.66 2.5  Bit cloudy 

Old Court House - Farnborough - SU 859 55

Pub was busy with quite a crowd watching the Estonia v England game
being shown in the ‘public’ bar side. The ‘lounge’ side was less busy
and a very comfortable area to sit and enjoy one of the best pints of
Bass we had had in a while. Large function room at the rear is
available for meetings, including the local CAMRA branch committee if
they so desire.

Brewer      Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Bass        Draught Bass 4.4 £2.60 3.5  Very good
Fuller’s    ESB          5.5 £2.90      Not tried
Hogs Back   TEA          4.2 £2.80 3.5  Again, very good 
Greene King IPA          3.6 £2.65      No thank you

Swan - Farnborough - SU 870 545

Much the same as before, apart from some new sofas and a lick of
paint in the ‘restaurant’. Stunning! The ubiquitous Greene King beers
are supplemented by some quite interesting guest ales, this time from
Stumpy’s and Stonehenge.

Brewer         Beer                 %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King    IPA                 3.6 £2.60      Not tried
Greene King    Abbot               5.0 £2.60      Not tried
Shep'd & Neame Spitfire            4.5 £2.60  3	 
Stonehenge     Pigswill            4.0 £2.60  3   Tastes better than it sounds 
Stumpy’s       Hop a Doodle Doo    4.0 £2.60 2.5  Brewed in a chicken shed and tastes like it 

Created on 06/07/2007 05:40 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/07/2007 06:01 PM by drinking
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