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Round the World

20th June 2007

Sampled by


The longest day and the longest cycle ride ever undertaken by this
intrepid group. PV’s journey from door to door was 20 miles (well
19.83 miles to be exact) and ROC’s would not have been much less even
if he did not go all the way to The Jolly Farmer but waited for the
rest at The Halfway House. FN’s trip was of course even longer,
starting as he does from Farnborough. The less said about KOC and TM
aka the ‘let the train take the strain tandem’) the better, but I
suppose 6.5 miles is more than we usually do. It could have been much
longer if they had carried on into the wilds at Dockenfield, but they
quickly realized they had gone the wrong way and rejoined the rest at
The Bluebell.

Jolly Farmer - Blacknest - SU 798 415

Food, kids, play area, cold beer, skittle alley: you name it this pub
has got it. This, of course, means that it is much to family friendly
for old farts like us, so we quickly drank up and left before we
contaminated the jolly atmosphere.

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Gales    Butser       3.4 £2.65  3
Gales    HSB          4.8 £2.85 3.5  Kept Frank happy
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.75  3   Lacking a bit of zing 

Halfway House - Bucks Horn Oak - SU 807 417

Only Ray. A pleasant place to enjoy a pint of London Pride and watch
the world go by whilst waiting for the Tour de Dockenfield to catch

Brewer   Beer          %  Price Mark Comment
Fuller’s London Pride 4.1 £2.80  3

Bluebell - Dockenfield - SU 821 411

With so many pubs closing it is nice to report on one that has
reopened after a gap of many years. Refurbished in white and with a
clientele to match, it is mainly food orientated but does offer three
real ales. The Triple fff ‘Bluebell’ was off and was readily
exchanged for a replacement.

Brewer    Beer              %  Price Mark Comment
fff       Bluebell         3.8 £2.65  0   Undrinkable
fff       Dazed & Confused 4.6 £2.80 3.5  Very acceptable
Hogs Back TEA              4.2 £2.70      Not tried 

Cherry Tree - Rowledge - SU 822 431

The bar manager was a self confessed ‘beer drinker’ and this was
readily apparent from the quality of the beers on offer. They may
have only been from the Greene King stable but they were in excellent
condition and PV enjoyed an Old Speckled Hen for the first time in
years. The others were equally impressed with the Ale Fresco and

Brewer	Beer                  %  Price Mark Comment
Greene King IPA              3.6 £2.60      Not tried
Greene King Ale Fresco       4.3 £2.90  4   Surprisingly tasty
Greene King Abbot            5.0 £2.90 3.5	 
Morland     Old Speckled Hen 4.5 £2.90 3.5  Just surprising 

Sandrock - Boundstone - SU 829 445

We had been looking forward to visiting this pub and it did nor
disappoint. Excellent range of well kept beers to enjoy in a friendly
atmosphere. The Bathams Best was as good as ever and the Kelham
Island Pale Rider was to die for.

Brewer         Beer         %  Price Mark Comment
Bowman         Swift One   3.8 £2.70  4	
Bowman         Quiver      4.5 £2.80      Not tried
Batham         Best Bitter 4.3 £2.90  4	 
Kelham Island  Pale Rider  5.2 £2.90  4   Bloody awfully nice 
Exmoor         Gold        4.5 £2.80  4	 
fff            Moondance   4.2 £2.80      Not tried 
Timothy Taylor Landlord    4.3 £2.80  4	 
Hogs Back      TEA         4.2 £2.80      Not tried


We all agreed that this evening’s tour was one of the best we have
had. Nice pubs serving up some very good beer. Now it was time to go
home and we aimed to get the 11.23 train from Farnham. As this was
delayed to 11.40 pm, PV, FN and ROC decided to cycle back. Just as
well as TM and KOC reported the train did not actually depart until
00.40 am!

Created on 06/26/2007 12:29 PM by drinking
Updated on 06/26/2007 12:52 PM by drinking
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