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4th July 2007

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The man with a van turned up on time at Birchett Road to take us and
our bikes out to Long Sutton. MG was driving so that would be another
of the ‘long’ cycle rides he would miss this year! ROC cycled all the
way to The Four Horseshoes and only had one puncture on the way,
which was quite remarkable given the racing tires are only about 20mm
wide and offer little resistance to the chippings found on these
country roads. Foresight had brought a spare inner tube with him but
the attempted puncture repair at the pub failed.
MG stayed for one beer and left with his big white van. After a
second pint we were of on our bikes to Well. It had started to rain
while we were in The Chequers but stopped just as we were about to
leave. Or so we thought. Half way along the Ridgeway it started to
rain quite heavily. PV and ROC made the turn off to Dippenhall but
the rest of the team carried on to the Crondall Road. Getting to the
Coxbridge roundabout and finding no one following, PV waited for a
while but with no one showing up after five minutes carried on to The
Wheatsheaf. FN, TM and KOC were waiting but there was no sign of ROC.
Eventually mobile communication was established between the brothers.
ROC had got another puncture and was walking into Farnham from
Dippenhall. After ROC arrived it was on to the final pub of the
evening, The Shepherd & Flock. Altogether a rather wet 10 miles.

Four Horseshoes - Long Sutton - SU 748 471

A quiet, comfortable country pub providing good beer and home cooked
food. Located beside the entrance to Lord Wandsworth College. Large
car park and garden on the opposite side of the road. The beers are
usually in top condition here and the Slater’s Scorcher proved to be
so. Unfortunately the Welton’s Sun Stroke was like vinegar. This was
readily replaced.

Brewer    Beer        %  Price Mark Comment
Slater’s  Scorcher   3.4 £2.70 3.5  Extremely pale golden beer
Welton’s  Sun Stroke 3.7 £2.60  0   Vinegar

Chequers - Well - SU 761 467

Food orientated pub in the small village of Well, three miles west of
Crondall. Previously its low ceilings had always accentuated any
cigarette smoke but with the ban this was now gone. There is a small
covered courtyard at the front and a beer garden available for those
who wish to smoke. A Hall & Woodhouse tie you can enjoy Badger First
Gold and Tanglefoot as regulars and, this visit, Stinger as the
seasonal beer. The Stinger was not as good as we remembered and at
£3.00 a pint a bit pricey.

Brewer           Beer               %  Price Mark Comment
Hall & Woodhouse Badger First Gold 4.0 £2.70  3	
Hall & Woodhouse Stinger           4.5 £3.00  3	  A little disappointing
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot        4.9 £3.00      Not tried 

Wheatsheaf - Farnham - SU 838 468

Refurbished but unchanged, if you know what I mean. Looks the same
but everything subtlety different, like the handpumps moved to the
front of house. Unfortunately the newfound prominence for real ale
did not provide top quality beer. The Triple fff Moondance was cloudy
and all were too cold.

Brewer         Beer	     %  Price Mark Comment
Triple f       Moondance    4.2 £2.70   2  Cloudy and cold
Timothy Taylor Landlord     4.3 £2.70   3  Good when it warmed up
Wadworth       6X           4.3 £2.70      Not tried 
Caledonian     Deuchars IPA 3.8	£2.70  2.5 Not good enough for this beer 

Shepherd & Flock - Farnham - SU 854 474

Never ceases to amuse us that this pub is in the middle of a
roundabout. Easier to get there on foot or bike using the underpass
than circling the roundabout trying to get into the right lane! Large
garden with the added attraction of car fumes. Usually ideal for a
good selection of well-kept ales, we could not argue with the choice
available this time either, but the quality of the beers (not the
cellarmanship) left much to be desired. The Bowman Elderado was weak
and insipid, a great disappointment from this well regarded brewer
and, of course, the W J King Red River Ale comes out of Horsham so
enough said there!

Brewer    Beer                  %  Price Mark Comment
Bateman’s XB                   3.7         2  Funny aftertaste
Bowman    Elderado             3.5        2.5 Elderflower but weak
W J King  Red River Ale        4.8         2  That Horsham taste 
Hogs Back TEA                  4.2         3  Solid beer 
Hogs Back Brooklands Gold Star 4.5        2.5 Very disappointing 
Ringwood  Old Thumper          4.9            Not tried 

Created on 07/09/2007 08:14 PM by drinking
Updated on 07/09/2007 08:34 PM by drinking
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