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Clapham and Vauxhall - 29th December 2008



Round the World - Clapham and Vauxhall - 20th December 2008

PC informed us he had never experienced Zeitgeist although in truth
we had all been there before. No matter, the choice was made; ROC
came up with a rough itinerary and it was off to Clapham Junction on
a lovely sunny day.
After purchasing pies from the Poles we made our way up Lavender
Hill for our intended first port of call, Microbar (14 Lavender
Hill, SW11 5RW), but it was closed. At this stage the tour leader
would normally expect some grief but none was forthcoming, just a
decision to head for Clapham High Street in the hope something would
be open there.

Alexandra - 14 Clapham Common South Side - SW4 7AA

This is a large old style London boozer, full of bric-a-brac and
with a nice line in enamel signs. The person behind the bar, who may
have been the landlady, was Polish and it was to that country we
opened our account.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Zywiec Poland 5.6 Pils £3.60 500cl bottled

Revolution - 95 Clapham High Street - SW4 7TB

Carrying on down the High Street we were enticed by a sign for Vodka
and Food and hoping for Russian beer, entered.

This is a chrome and wood modern bar completely lacking in any
character or soul. It was also lacking any other custom when we
called. Still it did mean we had the undivided attention of the bar
staff who informed us that although it was a Russian themed chain
they had no beer from that country. No call for it, apparently.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Leffe Blond Belgium 6.6 Ale £3.50
Koppanberg Sweden 4.5 Cider £4.20 Not surorisingly PC only
Staropramen Czech 5.2 Pils £1.80 As TM does not like Leffe

Loft - 67 Clapham High Street - SW4 7TG

Finding out our goal was foreign beer the staff at Revolution
suggested we try the bar just a few yards further down the High
Street located above the Tesco Express store.

This was another chrome-plated establishment but it had at least
attracted a few customers enjoying a full English washed down with
Bloody Marys. In our quest for foreign beer, the bar man,
Emmanuelle, who is a nice enthusiastic lad, suggested we try St.
Peter’s Organic Best Bitter. Before we had a chance to point out
this was undoubtedly British he had opened up a bottle for tasters.
He was a little dismayed to find out it came from Suffolk but soon
cheered up when we set about the American beers.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Sierra Nevada Pale USA 5.6 Ale £3.80 PV and PC
Brooklyn Lager USA 5.1 Lager £3.80 ROC and KOC
Negro Modelo Mexico 5.3 Dark MG only
Anchor Steam Beer USA 4.7 Ale £3.80 TM swap with PC
It was then only across the road to one of our listed bars.

Bierodrome - 44 Clapham High Street - SW4 7UR

This establishment is part of the Belgo/Bierodrome chain of four
bars specializing in Belgium ‘moules’, ‘frites’ and ‘bieres’. Not
surprisingly the place was all chrome glass and wood. What was
surprising was the price of the beers; £4.75 for a bottle of Kwak
seemed rather excessive. So we settled for a half pint of the
draught beer of the month and beat a hasty retreat. Rather
disappointing place.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Brugse Zot Blonde Belgium 6.0 Blond £2.95 Just what you would expect

Cologne Christmas Market set up along the Embankment

Taking to the Underground, we headed North on the Northern Line to
Waterloo and our visit to the Cologne Christmas Market set up along
the Embankment adjacent to The London Eye. The first stall we came
across was the one we wanted. But what horror, the beer had run out!
However, the serving girl assured us beer stocks would be
replenished and soon we saw the wondrous sight of a barrel being
rolled across the grass towards us. Whilst they were plumbing in the
barrel a couple took the opportunity for a look around the other
stalls and quickly found room for a ‘Wurst’.
The Kolsch was one we have not tried in Koln and going on this
sample of Kuppers £4.00 a Pint will not be in too much of a
hurry to seek it out on our next visit to the city.
It was then just a matter of strolling down the Albert Embankment to
Vauxhall and our final port of call for this years Round the World.

Zeitgeist @ The Jolly Gardeners - 49 Black Prince Road - SE11 6AB

The décor of red and black and the very high benches in this pub
leave a lot to be desired but can be forgiven when you have a choice
of fourteen draught and thirty bottled German beers available. And,
O Joy, a strict barmaid with a tight jeaned companion; you could
almost have been in Germany. In our minds, some of us were.

Brewer/beer Country % Style Price Comment
Flensburger Lager Germany 4.8 Pils £1.85 Draught
DAB Germany 5.0 Pils £1.85 Draught
Furstenberg Lager Germany 5.3 Pils £3.50 Bottled
Schofferhofer Hefe Germany 5.0 Weisse £3.50 Bottled
Rothaus Pils Germany 5.1 Pils £3.50 Bottled
Erdinger Dunkel Germany 5.6 Weisse £3.50 Bottled scrumptiousness
Fruh Germany 4.8 Kolsch £3.50 Bottled, for the girls

Created on 01/02/2009 03:27 PM by drinking
Updated on 01/02/2009 04:20 PM by drinking
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