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The Star Godalming = April 2009

Saturday 11th April 2009 - ROC, KOC, MG, PC, RN and FN

Waiting for Ron (running late!) at the station, said hello to Bob and
his bike (he mentioned the Janet and John Cider was worth a try) he
had been there on Friday. We were welcomed by an old boy at Guildford
with the words “Are you thirsty?” he was talking to MG and seemed to
know we were off to the Star.
The weather this year as is always important when we go to Godalming,
ROC had he shorts on and was hoping for the best, it stayed dull all
day with a few drops of rain. It must have done the job as the stay
at home Brits and their kids we did not materialise, so it was a few
hardened drinkers and Mengo.
Talking of drinkers Trevor (from many years back a past life in the
William Cobbett) and his mate Mike sat with us and we discussed Maz,
PV, drinking and Munich. The normal range covered on a lazy Saturday
For some reason KO did not keep to the Scottish theme and thought he
was onto a deal as the Hardy & Hanson’s was £1.48 a half until we
told him the price of a have using the token system was £1.50. PC did
the long walk and came back empty handed; what ever he wanted had run
The day was rounded off thanks to PC and his theory that if it is
going free have it. We are all now tooled up like PV as the photos at
Godalming station will show, cardboard boxes with a glass inside and
I am sure PC was the only one not to get his cider glass home intact.
Brewery     Beer             %
Atlas       Equinox         4.5	   
Broughton   Old Jock        6.7	   
Cairngorm   Blessed Thistle 4.5	   
Fyne Ales   Highlander      4.8	   
Harviestoun Old Engine Oil  6.0	   
Heather     Fraoch          4.1	   
Inveralmond Homecoming      4.2	   
Kelburn     Tartan Army     4.3	   
Kelburn     Carte Blanche   5.0	   
Stewarts    Edinburgh Gold  4.8	   
Stewarts    80/-            4.4	   
Strathaven  Claverhouse Red 4.5	   
Strathaven  Lord Kelvin     4.7	   
Tryst       Raj I.P.A       4.5	   
Valhalla    Sjolmet Stout   5.0	   
Orkney      Red McGregor    4.0	   
Houstons    Peter’s Well    4.2	 

Sunday 12 April 2009 - PV and MV with guest appearance by Reg

Double booking of the Easter Saturday with a walk gave Maz the
dubious pleasure of driving PV to Godalming for a solo session at the
beer festival. Having ordered the food (baguettes filled with pork
from yesterdays Hog roast – truly scrumptious) and settled Maz in the
bar with a book, PV headed for the beer tent to see what was left
after the vultures had gorged on Saturday. Not too disappointing; one
beer had failed to turn up and six others drunk dry. So no Black Isle
Heather Honey for Maz and no Cairngorm Sheepshagger Gold for PV but
still plenty of choice from the remaining eighteen.
There were no punters braving the tent seating this session so Phil
the Tent had to make do with chatting with PV. He fondly remembered
the Aldershot crowd from the day before although he was somewhat
perplexed by one of them announcing that the Broughton Old Jock (6.7%
ABV) was the best beer tried. Could only have been Hightower making
that statement! PV steered clear of such a potent brew particularly
as the name brought up visions of ancient Scottish underpants.
The only known face to wander through was Reg, which was lucky as PV
wanted a word with him about spare Farnham tickets and was able to
place a first refusal order.
Maz enjoyed her Fraoch and PV his ten and both left feeling justified.
Brewery     Beer             %
Atlas       Equinox         4.5	   
Cairngorm   Blessed Thistle 4.5	   
Fyne Ales   Avalanche       4.5	   
Heather     Fraoch          4.1	   
Houston     Peter’s Well    4.2	   
Inveralmond Homecoming      4.2	   
Kelburn     Tartan Army     4.3	   
Stewarts    Edinburgh Gold  4.8	   
Stewarts    80/-            4.4	   
Strathaven  Claverhouse Red 4.5

Created on 04/19/2009 02:06 PM by drinking
Updated on 05/08/2009 02:51 PM by drinking
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