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Cork 2006


This is not KO's Dad

KO had to visit family in Cork and found this on!

Beer List

Carlow Brewing Co. Carlow - Est 1998

O'Hara's Celtic Stout 4.3%
Full bodied and smooth with an excellent roast bite.
Curim Gold Wheat Beer 4.3%
Bright & sparkling, Curim is lightly hopped, resulting in a
refreshing beer with a hint of fruit.

Hilden Brewing Co. Lisburn, Antrim - Est 1981

Hilden Ale 4.0%
A fine full drinking irish ale, refreshing clean on the palate with a
pronounced hoppiness in the finish.
Silver 4.2%
A pale ale, light & refreshing on the palate but with a satisfying
mellow hop character derived from a judicious blend of aromatic
Saaz hops.
Hilden Halt 4.1%
A premium traditional irish red ale with a malty, mild hop flavour.

College Green Brewery Belfast, Antrim - Est 2005

Molly's Chocolate Stout 4.2%
A dark chocolate beer with a full bodied character.
Headless Dog
A bright amber ale, initially smooth with a hint of munich malt,
completed by a refreshing taste from this well hoped beer. Named
after the unusual mural on the front door of the brewery.

Kinsale Brewing Co. Cork - Est 2001

Kinsale Lager 4.2%
A snappy hop bitterneness & a soft bready malt character give way to 
an immaculately clean dry finish.
Kinsale Cream Stout 4.3%
A classic irish stout combining a light, dry palate with roasted 
coffee & chocolate flavours and an earthy hop aroma.
Williams Wheat Beer 4.3%
A Hefe Weizen style wheat beer brewed with the addition of orange
peel & coriander, flavours & aromas of clove, banana & green apple 
are created by the yeast.

Messrs. Maguires Dublin - Est 1998

Pils 5.0%
Pilsner as it should be, Saaz Hops!
Haus 4.3%
Lager as it should be, juicy Malt!
Yankee 5.5%
Golden ale, straight from the cask!
Cardens Wild Ale 5.1%
Irish ale with a sweet start & dry hoppy finish.

The Porterhouse Brewing Co. Dublin - Est 1996

Porterhouse Chocolate Stout 5.0%
It is a smooth tasting, full bodied creamy stout with distinctive chocolate taste.
Temple Brau Lager 4.3%
A clean European style pilsner brewed with hallertau perie & 
hallertau harsbruker hops to give a beautiful late hop aroma, 
balanced by a subtle malt character.

University College Cork Pilot Research Brewery - Est 1999

Festive Pilsner 4.6%
A germman style pilsner beer with a unique flavour & distinctive 
hop aroma based on a classic festival recipe.
Bavarian Lager 4.6%
A medium bodied larger with a sweet malty after taste, well balanced
with an inticing yeast & hop aroma.

Fransiscan Well Brewery Cork - Est 1998

Blarney Blonde 4.2 %
A light fruity, straw coloured ale brewed in the style of a german
Kolsch beer.
Rebel Re3d 4.3%
A rich & robust amber coloured ale with a distinct caramel flavour 
imparted by 'crystal' malt and balanced by the hop varieties 'First 
Gold' and 'East Kent Goldings'
Shandon Stout 4.3%
An irish stout with all the roasted amlt character & hop bitterness
found in this classic style.
Friar Weisse 4.8%
An unfiltered German stile wheat beer with citrus notes on the
palate and a powerful aroma of clove and banana imparted by a unique
yeast strain
Dunkel Weisse 4.7%
Rich caramel notes & an underlying roast malt character combine with 
the ususal banana & clove flavours associciated with this style, 
unfiltered & conditioned for 8 weeks.

Eurobeers Cork City Cork - ESt ????

Floris Apple 3.0%
A light wheat beer with apple, sweet & refreshing.
Delerium Tremens 9.0%
Golden with a creamy white head. A spicy character stems of the use 
of three yeast cultures. Warming with a long sweet aftertaste.
Watou's Wit 5.%
A golden pale wheat beer naturally cloudy & unfiltered. Spiced with 
coriander to give a refreshing citrus flavour.

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Updated on 04/23/2006 05:53 PM by drinking
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