Round the World

How it started

Some time in the early 80’s, sitting at the bar in the William Cobbett  
on the Saturday before Christmas. We needed a change from
the normal skin full of English beer yes a normal Friday night.

In front of us beckoned the glass fronted cold shelf with a selection
of bottled beers from all over the world, and so it started. At 5% a
time we soon moved onto the next pub and by the end of the lunch time
session had covered a few more pubs in Farnham.

The aim from then on was to spend the Saturday just before Christmas
drinking foreign bottled or draught beer. A town would be selected
and while everybody else was shopping we would be on a mission.

Below is the best estimate of places we have visited and thanks to PV
the later trips have a list of pubs and what was sampled.


2000 - Wokingham
2001 - Fleet
2002 - Wimbledon - click here to read
2003 - Portsmouth & Southsea
2004 - Epsom
2005 - Croydon
2006 - Guildford - click here to read
2007 - Dorking - click here to read
2008 - Clapham and Vauxhall - click here to read
2009 - Winchester - click here to read
2010 - Farnham - click here to read
2011 - Windsor & Eton - click here to read
2012 - Basingstoke - click here to read
2013 - London - click here to read




Farnham (2)
Guildford (2)
Woking (2)